These canons formulate the guiding principles of professional conduct for ACF Consulting Foresters in their relations with each other, their employers, the public and with other foresters. Observance of these canons secures decent and honorable professional and human relationships, establishes enduring mutual confidence and respect, and enables the profession to give its maximum service.

These canons have been adopted by the membership of the Association and can only be amended by the membership. These canons apply to all membership categories. Procedures for processing charges of violation of these canons are available from the ACF National Office. All members upon joining the Association agree to abide by this code as a condition of membership.

Professional Life

1.ACF Consulting Foresters will utilize their knowledge and skill for the benefit of society.
2.An ACF Consulting Forester will cooperate in extending the effectiveness of the forestry profession by interchanging information and experience with other foresters and by contributing to the work of forestry societies, associations, schools, and publications.
3.An ACF Consulting Forester will advertise only in a dignified manner, setting forth in truthful and factual statements services offered prospective clients and the public.
4.Professional work should come to ACF Consulting Foresters on the basis of their experience, competency, and reputation. Solicitation by criticism of competitors, self laudation, or lobbying is degrading to the profession and is unethical.

Dealing With The Public

5.An ACF Consulting Forester will strive for correct and increasing knowledge of forestry and the dis- semination of this knowledge and will discourage and condemn the spreading of untrue, unfair, and ex- aggerated statements concerning forestry.
6.ACF Consulting Foresters will not issue statements, criticism, or arguments on matters connected with public forestry policies, without indicating, at the same time, on whose behalf they are acting.
7.When serving as an expert witness on forestry matters in a public or private fact finding proceeding, an ACF Consulting Forester will base testimony on adequate knowledge of subject matter and render opinions based on honest convictions.
8.ACF Consulting Foresters will refrain from publicly expressing opinions on a technical subject unless informed of the facts relating thereto, and will not distort or withhold data for the purpose of substantiating a point of view.
9.Forestry plans and reports should be definite and specific and should have no double meaning.

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