Beautiful picture of Black River in Sampson County, NC.  Our client's property is adjacent to the river, so I climbed down the bank and got this picture.  Yes, I take time out sometimes to just simply enjoy the great outdoors.  Hope you enjoy the picture. 

Loading valuable pine sawtimber at a loading deck, making our client some money.  I believe this was a second thinning of pine sawtimber on property in Pender County.  We have many clients in Pender, so give us a call today if you need assistance in managing your land!

Clearcut harvested site of one of our clients with land in Columbus County, NC.  The site was very low quality loblolly on a sand hill.  Our client made great revenue, and we helped him replant the site into longleaf pine.  The seedlings are 4 years old and doing great!  Call Greg or Bill for assistance on managing and reforesting your land!

I found this HUGE pine tree recently while examining a clients land for a forestry management plan.  I bet this tree was 26 inches DBH and 120 feet tall! I don't see this size pine tree very often.