​"When my father died in 2005, my mother and I were left to care for “the farm”. It no longer was covered with crops; cows and Bermuda hay because Daddy had the forethought in 1980 to plant a variety of trees across the property. To do this, he enlisted the guidance of Bill Holmes, a forest manager with Georgia Pacific. A special friendship developed over the years between Bill and our family as well as a deep trust.

Georgia Pacific later shut down its Forestry Management program but thankfully Bill never left us. I would have been completely lost in those trees without Bill Holmes!

In 2014 Bill introduced me to Greg Conner stating that they had established WoodsRun Consulting Forestry. I knew that if Bill believed in Greg, then I would be able to trust him as well, with no reservations! These are men of integrity and I have absolutely no regrets entrusting my land to WoodsRun Consulting Forestry.

The team has kept me abreast of when to thin, burn, replant, etc. When the time and price is “right” they orchestrate the buying, selling and logging of the timber – all with signed contracts. Bill and Greg see to it that the sights of the harvests are kept as neat and clean as humanly possible. I don’t have to do anything but visualize dollar signs as the trucks roll out with the timber! Well, I do give Bill and Greg their well - deserved cut!

I’m so grateful that Daddy had the vision and that Bill and Greg have the knowledge and the ability to follow it through."

Sue Frink Smith
Bladenboro, North Carolina

"​Working with a forestry consultant is essential for the private landowner. I have been fortunate to work with Greg Conner, a North Carolina registered forester for the last three years. He is well qualified with a M.B.A. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Forestry and forty-two years of experience in forestry.  
Greg developed a management plan for each tract to benefit the optimum growth to each plantation. He coordinates the subcontractors for road and ditch work and for reforestation. He advises me on management of hunt clubs and crop farmers. He advises me when the stands need thinning or cutting, cruises and puts these projects out for bid. When our trees are being cut, he makes sure the work is done to his specifications and that the land is not ruined.
Greg understands that we want to care our land for future generations. He works closely with our financial goals in mind and has goals that will reach far into the next generation. He works closely with our accountant, the tax office and with local and state programs so that our investment does not lose value. As a licensed N.C. Real Estate Broker, he assisted us in purchasing an adjoining piece of land.  
It has been a pleasure to work with a professional that communicates well, follows through with projects and understands the partnership between landowner and forester. This partnership is essential in my managing our trees and I highly recommend him to you."

Caroline Neal, CN X 5 Trees, LLC 

"A study by Dr. Fred Cubbage while at the University of Georgia indicated that professional help can be valuable. Landowners who received professional forestry assistance before harvesting timber averaged 23 percent more income per acre, received a price per board foot that was 64 percent higher, and had a projected income stream from future sales 120 percent higher as a result of improved regeneration and stocking."

William Gardner, Extension Forest Resources Specialist 
William M. Stanton, Extension Forest Resources Specialist, Retired
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

"Professional forestry assistance in planning timber harvests, site preparation, and other site-disturbing forestry activities is even more important now than in the past.Professional forestry assistance in planning timber harvests, site preparation, and other site-disturbing forestry activities is even more important now than in the past."

Earl L. Deal, Wood Products Extensions Specialist
Rick A. Hamilton, Forest Resources Specialist 
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

"I would recommend WoodsRun Consulting Forestry to anyone needing forestry services. They have proven to me they can get the most for timber and they both have the experience and education to answer any question or concern that comes their way. Thanks so much WoodsRun Consulting Forestry!"

Charlotte Smith
Clarkton, NC

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